How To Avoid Football Predictions Scammers

by Simona Okunsolawo |

Football Predictions

| 01.01.2021
How To Avoid Football Predictions Scammers

Football prediction scammers try to convince you to subscribe for a verified prediction source that guarantees 100% profit on sports betting. I am sorry to disappoint you; there is nothing like 100% in football betting predictions. The earlier you wake up to this reality, the better for you to avoiding betting scams. I will advise you to avoid the following pitfalls.

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Payment Before Prediction

A standard football predictions website tends to give accurate predictions free every time. A good predictions website posts football tips consistently and correctly for its users to make selections carefully.
A predictions site with intents to scam would ask you to pay immediately, stating that the tips would be provided at a specific date and time to tell members to implement payments before the intended day arrives. That is how most people fall into the embracing arms of scammers.
Most scammers use a method called 'the pyramid method,' which involves reaching out to at least 300 or more people and dividing them into at least three (3) groups of 100 people each. They give different groups different prediction on a particular game and share only their successful results.

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Avoid a Fixed Games Scam

Fixed Matches In Nigeria

Many football punters have been caught in the web of fixed games; some have lost a fortune because they believed since it's a fixed game, they should go in hard and cash out big. Still, alas, many found themselves losing, and many running into debts they never came out from.
Fixed matched are very rare to come by; where they exist, only very few have exclusive access, don't forget, match-fixing in any sport is a crime and illegal in every country. People caught in the act have been prosecuted to the full extent of the law in their different countries. Hence, anytime you see a website promoting fixed match games, run away from such, they are out to defraud you.

Do Research Before Joining

The internet is a vast and ever-growing structure. Information that is stored on the internet is virtually never lost. Researching before jumping into investments is what saves people from being scammed. So, I'm trying to say that, with the internet resources available, before staking through any predictions site, perform research studies on that site to find out if it is legit. Also, by joining a top-quality and popular football betting forum, you could get tips on where to make good bookmakers and predictions sites; at most times, some game predictions are even shared among group members.

Avoid Sites Claiming 100% Prediction.

This is almost a common scam feature since everyone wants to be assured of returns and that their money is safe. Scammers have come up with a way of convincing bettors by claiming 100% prediction accuracy. Please, note that this is not true, as even algorithm-based predictions are not 100% accurate. This is so because humans are involved in the matchup. Although algorithmically based sites are safer to use and reduce human error in prediction, it is not 100% accurate.

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Do Not Be Too Hasty To Earn

Do not jump on a game only because they offer 100% prediction accuracy or because you intend on staking a little amount to earn a larger one—instead, research prediction sites and the status of the intended games. Hastiness has resulted in people losing their stakes in betting. Because a match is said to be a fixed match, it is seen as an opportunity to win, most people jump into it and then regret it at the end. Make a thorough research on the status of these games to ascertain whether they are legit or not.

Avoid Telegram, Whatsapp and Instagram Predictions Group Asking for Payments

Telegram Group Scam

Telegram, WhatsApp, and Instagram predictions groups are becoming very rampant when it comes to predictions. Tipsters now form groups on this outlet to exchange ideas and tips during and after games. The problem with this type of prediction is that majority of the group members are friends with little or no knowledge about predictions. Some groups even ask you to pay, and upon payment, they send half the people one result, another half of people another result, and then they show how they posted the winning bet. This is nothing other than a scam. These groups make use of guesses in their prediction and not through any empirical technique.

Check Good Betting Forums

If you are looking to bet in good betting forums, there are many of them online. Although you must be wary of several scam bookmakers. To know which bookmakers are the best, check the regulatory body regulating the bookmaker, consider the security of the site, easy deposit and withdrawal methods, good bonuses, awesome interface, varieties of games, etc. Example of such forums include:


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We hope that this article will help prevent you from getting scammed by fake football tipsters.

How to Use a Football Prediction Site

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