Fixed Matches In Nigeria - Who Can You Really Trust?

by Simona Okunsolawo |

Fixed Matches

| 10.06.2020
Fixed Matches In Nigeria - Who Can You Really Trust?

FIXED MATCHES 100% SURE - You probably saw that a million times, but should you really trust these people?

It is often said that there is nothing in this world that is as dangerous as ignorance. This saying is particularly true in the world of gambling. An average gambler’s misfortune is usually caused by some sort of ignorance. The new craze in town presently is the hype surrounding fixed matches and its supposed efficacy in winning bets.

In fact, the song on every bettor’s lips in this part of the world is the benefits associated with fixed matches. That’s why we’ve decided to shed more light on fixed matches, what they are, and why you should be very careful.

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Do Fixed Matches Exist?

Yes, fixed matches exist; they have been in existence since the launch of sports betting. But it will take you almost a lifetime to find one, and even if you eventually come across any, you will be required to invest a large sum of money before you can be sent any fixed match. Some fraudulent sites will even steal your money without sending a fixed match, so you need to be careful in your quest for fixed matches.

Main Reason Why Bookmakers Are Angry at Prediction Sites

What Does Fixed Matches Mean?

Fixed matches can also be referred to as match-fixing, and it means that a game is played to give a result that has been predetermined. This result can be partially or entirely predetermined.In other words, the result of the match has been concluded even before the start of the game, and this is a violation of the rules of the game and also of the law.

Sports betting is one of the main reasons why match-fixing continues to thrive. Once match-fixing is motivated by betting, there is usually a massive transfer of money and contacts between gamblers, referees, team officials, and/or players. Sometimes, the fixing may not be full scale, it may just be on small events that can be gambled upon during the match.

These small events may not be decisive in the determination of the final outcome of the game. This type of fixing is known as ‘spot-fixing.’ The small events usually include the number of yellow cards to be received by team players, the number of red cards, penalties given, time of first throw-in, time of yellow cards, and many more.

The rise in the prominence of spot-fixing can be attributed to how exotic and detailed sports betting has become. There is also the full-scale match-fixing when a team intentionally loses a match through the purposeful poor performance of the players or acts of corrupt officials.

Fixed Football Match

Who are the Match Fixers, and How Does Match Fixing Affect You?

Between bettors and bookmakers, who benefits more from match-fixing? This question has a pretty straight answer, the bettors benefit more. Just imagine how you will feel, if you are privy to a predetermined result of a match that would be played, you will feel like a god. Gamblers love this feeling.

The most influential gamblers will do everything it takes to make guaranteed returns on their investment in such games. But unlike individual sports like wrestling and darts, it is very difficult to fix team sports like basketball and football. This is because of the large personnel involved in team sports, and the more you bribe people, the more the chances of getting your desired result and the more the chances of been caught.

In all these, it is essential to keep the sportsbooks in the dark or else problems will arise. The match may be canceled, the major fixer will possibly lose out on his investment, and everyone involved in the fixing could face prosecution in respect of sports crime.

How Football Prediction Sites Are Changing Betting In Nigeria

The business of match-fixing is very serious.

The fixer can either be a corporate body or an individual who wants to make a lot of money. But while it is not easy to fix televised games, match-fixing is far more successful in games that are not shown on TV and on matches in the lower divisions. Although match-fixers would have loved to broadcast their knowledge to make a huge profit from it, they can’t.

Fixed Football games in Nigeria

This is because genuine match-fixers do not sell the public; in fact, they don’t advertise. They only sell these games on the dark web, and the dark web is for a closed set of persons; it is not accessible to everybody. You cannot even access it for the small sum of $150 or $300, which is charged by fraudsters.

You need to ask yourself some valid questions before attempting to partake in fixed matches, these questions include: Will anyone actually tells me about a fixed game? If they know that the game is fixed, why don’t they borrow money and invest hugely on it? And why will they want to announce it on social media when they know about the consequences of such an act?

Bettors need to understand that bookmakers are not dull. They are in business to make money, and they have put several measures to counter things like match-fixing. Some of these countering methods include monitoring the pre-match betting market and examining the in-game betting markets to detect whether there is ongoing manipulation.

Some bookies even use software that assists in the detection of manipulated games upon the discovery of suspicious betting patterns. For example, bettors in Nigeria averagely stake amounts that aren’t higher than 1000 naira; no one will bet a huge sum of money a totally unpredictable bet. So if sports bookies notice any such manipulation, they immediately shut down such betting markets.


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