All You Need To Know About Sure Football Predictions And Value Bets

by Laura Akinwale |

Football Predictions

| 05.01.2021
All You Need To Know About Sure Football Predictions And Value Bets

If you’re here to find the best way to get sure predictions every weekend, then you are on the right track.

There are ways to get the best football tips for today or football prediction for tomorrow. But there’s no such thing as 100% prediction. If you find ‘experts’ anywhere, claiming to have info on fixed matches, flee from them.

Indeed, there are ways to get sure predictions, but these are strategies. Brace yourself for details on accurate betting predictions. They help you place over 85% precise betting every time. We share these probability percentages on our website for home/ away/ draw. We share them free of charge.

Nigeria Predictions Value Bet Football Predictions

Check out our top Football Predictions now and you can also beat the bookmakers in their own game.

Below are few betting tips to get best value of your bets every weekend:

An essential part of accurate predictions is recognizing value bets. Experts call a value bet when the outcome of a bet is more significant than the reflection of the odds. One of the features of successful bettors is that they know value bets when they see one. They use their skills to gain from upsets, those types that are hard to predict.

Recognizing value bets require some knowledge. You must be able to calculate value bets, understand probabilities, and use team statistics to your advantage. But first, start by following a quick instruction on value bet.

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Identifying value bets

Before you can target value bet, you must recognize them. Your knowledge of the game will place you in a position to identify value bets get sure predictions. Start by focusing on a particular sport and a specific division of the competition.

For example, if you love football and you support a premier league side, focus on football and premier league. Then you can build on this to expand to other leagues and sports in due time. You need the same knowledge and experience for all sports and leagues. But mastery in one will prepare you for others. While it’s great to start from a league you love, let the teams’ performances guide your betting decisions.

On our website Value Bets are calculated by an advanced algorithm and are marked by the "crown":

Banker bet nigeria predictions

Calculating Value Bets

Any outcome that is greater than zero is a value bet. The formula for calculating value bets is ‘(probability x decimal odds) – 1’. Supposing we want to place a bet on the outcome of a tossed coin, and there is a 2.10 odd for it to land on the tail. The coin has a 50% chance of landing on the tail. Here is our value bet. Applying the above formula, we would have 50% multiplied by 2.10 minus 1. This would bring us to 0.05.

The formula makes it easy to identify value bet. But, sadly, nobody knows the precise probably for a given football match. The lack of precision for real football matches is why successful bettors estimate the probability.

Understanding Probabilities

Probability is the same as the betting odds. Probability calculation is ‘Implied probability = 1 / odds x 100.’ Still using the figures from our coin example, our probability will amount to 1 / 2.10 multiplied by 100. We would arrive at approximately 47.62%.

But our previous calculations showed that the coin has a 50% chance of landing on the tail. This guides us to know that placing a bet on the tail is a value bet. The value is more than the probability that the odd is reflecting.

With this information, you can draw your odds without seeing any from bookmarkers. Drawing odds will sharpen your mind on how odds work. Do this persistently, and you would soon be able to determine value bets without a miss.

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Working with statistics

An additional way to discover value is to consider team statistics. Reflect the team’s current form and goal tallies. How offensive and defensive has the club been throughout the season? Answers to this will guide you on betting decisions.

Also, look at the team’s incentives for winning. A team could perform poorly if it has lost many players to injuries or suspension as well. You should also consider the team’s match schedule. Slammed weeks could cause fatigue and loss of fitness for team players and can influence match outcomes.

 At our Data Science team is doing all the work for you. Advanced statistical model is calculating probability for every single bet. This probability is compared with bookmakers odds in Real-Time. As a result we produce Value Bets. We call them Bankers:

Here's an example of a Banker bet. It's markerd by crown on our Predictions page.

Main bet types to use for Value Bets:

  • Match Result

Here, you can either bet on any of the teams to win or draw during the 90 minutes game. Bettors call this the win-draw-win, 1-x-2, and Moneyline. The match result market gives you the freedom to bet on three outcomes: home side win, away side win, or both sides draw.

It is common to find the most bets in this category. Bettors welcome the idea of the Moneyline because it’s an easy bet, requiring less analysis.

  • Double Chance

Double chance claims lesser markets than the Match Result. The betting category grants you the freedom to bet on two outcomes: the home team wins or draws, or the away team wins or draws.
Despite having lower odds, some bettors prefer the double chance market.
It leaves room for a large bookmarker margin as well. So it is easy for a better to be in loss over a long betting duration betting on the double chance. With double chance, getting valuable bets is hard.

  • Over/under 2.5 goals

The catch here is to bet on large or small goal margins. What would be the outcome of a match? Will the teams score over 2.5 goals or under? The rough estimate of odds for over 2.5 goals is 1.2 (1/5) to 2.5 (6/4). The forecast depends on the league and team of interest. It is common to get extreme odds when high-scoring teams are playing. And you would find the entire opposite with teams with low-scoring abilities.

  • Other bet types

Bettors can choose from more a hundred different types of bets. Each type appeals to different betting senses and fits into pre-match and post-match outcomes. The handicap betting is one of such. This market is famous amongst the Asians. The handicap betting tends to balance the odds between a favorite and underdog in a football match.

The favorite gets a -1.5 handicap, while the underdog will get a +1.5 handicap against the stronger side. The handicap betting encourages you to bet on at least two goals for any of the teams. There are several types of handicaps that you may choose form. Correct Score and First Goalscorer are some of these.


Nigeria predictions banker bet

Example of Banker Bet marked by crown in our Prediction Page

Predicting the right game outcomes takes time, passion, and consistency. OR you can simply use our Predictions page where our advanced algorithms have done all the work for you! You don’t need to pay anyone for betting tips. Just check our website every time you want to make a bet. Look for Bankers - those are Value bets chosen by the algorithm in Real-Time!

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