Main Reason Why Bookmakers Are Angry at Prediction Sites

| 10.06.2020
Main Reason Why Bookmakers Are Angry at Prediction Sites

If you are new to betting, every bettor you know must have advised you to use a good bookmaker. At first, it wouldn't be easy for you to choose. Different bookmakers will advertise different promos that will attract you to place your wagers with them. If you just search the web right now for bookmakers, different promos will jump at you.

You will see several amazing offers that would appear to be good to be true, and all these would just make it more difficult for you to make your pick. But, no matter how hard the decision might be, you just have to choose a bookmaker if you want to start betting. 

Without any doubt, bookmakers are to be thanked for what sports betting has become today. Unlike in old times, only a few people had the opportunity to place bets, today, you can bet on football matches all from the comfort of your couch.
As always, gambling is a risky venture, and it takes a lot of work to be successful. You have to know how to play your game.

Many people have made a fortune in the past, and more are still making a good living from it today. However, gambling has become some people's greatest nightmare. Many people have lost their entire savings to betting. It has become almost impossible for some to even make a tiny profit from it.

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Bookies Don't Want You To Win

As you would expect, the bookmakers are happy when people lose their money. I mean, why wouldn’t they. They run a business, and for them to keep the business running, they need your money. So, they are not happy when you win your bets, and they have to pay you. Instead, the joy comes when you lose your money to them and don’t have to pay you anything.

It is even safe to say that bookies don’t want you to make the correct football predictions. Many tricks are played to achieve this, but one thing that keeps getting in their way is a prediction site.
It is hard to beat the bookies. You have to win lots of beats if you want to make enough money.

This cannot happen by luck. You need to have an excellent strategy if you really want to make consistent profits.To make profits from gambling, you should consider consulting a football prediction site before placing your wager. What a prediction site does is practically antagonistic to the goal of a bookmaker. Therefore, bookmakers are not happy when their customers use these sites.

Here are a few detailed reasons why bookmakers hate football prediction sites and a few tips on how you can make use of prediction sites' benefits if you want to be more profitable.

Good prediction site gives you the most likely outcome of the match

Good Prediction Site Nigeria predictions

It is clear to any bettor that to make money from football betting, you have to make the correct football prediction. People make their predictions in different ways. Some people gamble by guessing, while some just bet on a team they like, all of which will never actually yield a good result.

The best and most reliable way to make your football is by using data analysis. This is exactly what a prediction does for you. Your chances of winning are increased when you use a good football prediction site. It is challenging to make football predictions yourself without any sentiment for one team. Your emotions would most often than not affect your predictions.

Prediction sites make use of machine learning as well as artificial intelligence to generate complex mathematical algorithms that would analyze all the necessary data involved in a match. After all the analysis, the system predicts the most likely outcome of the match with high accuracy. This would invariably solve all the problems that come with placing a sure and sure bet.

Therefore, with the help of this A.I generated forecast, you can be sure of placing the surest bet even if it doesn’t appear so to you.


Good prediction site generates Value Bets (Bankers)

Another thing that affects how much you make from betting is the betting odds. Odds vary from one bookie to another. Each bookmaker set their odds based on different parameters, and it can be quite challenging to search for the best odds.
Prediction sites solve that problem for you by searching for the best odds and presenting them in real-time.

They monitor all the odds and catch any error that might affect your profit. Of a truth, this is something that would be difficult for you to do on your own, but prediction sites have eased all that stress by going through all the trouble for you.

We call those bets Banker Bets. Our algorithms compare the winning probabily with bookmakers odds in real time via API connection. And shows you the best bookie option for this perticular bet. So, our advice is simple - always bet on Bankers!

Banker Bet Screenshot

If you see prediction market by the crown - that's a Banker!

Good prediction sites show you only the best bookmakers

The bookmaker you use determines a lot in how profitable you can be as a bettor. The wrong bookmaker is enough to waste all your good predictions. Hence, the right bookmaker is vital to your betting success.
Remember, we talked about how challenging it can be to choose a bookmaker.

Well, it happens that a prediction can equally help you with that. They have a team of professionals that scrutinize a large array of bookmakers and show you the best ones that have the best odds and provide the best service.

You no longer have to go through dozens of webpages before you can get the best bookie. A few clicks on a good prediction site will relieve you of that work. Ultimately, with the assistance of a good prediction site, you can be more confident when placing your bets, and you be sure of avoiding the mistakes many bettors make that cost them money.



It is possible to make money from betting. No matter how much you have lost, it is still possible for you to become to make profits. All it takes is for you to make the correct football predictions. Our Predictions section can assist you with that. Many have transformed their betting by using our football predictions, and if you are ready to increase your profits, consider joining the train.

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