What the Bookies Don't Want You to Know About Football Predictions

by Laura Akinwale |

Football Predictions Site

| 02.01.2021
What the Bookies Don't Want You to Know About Football Predictions

Did you know that bookies are trying to ban some good football predictions sites?

The bookmakers run the show in the betting world today. Thanks to them, anyone can easily place bets from anywhere in the world online. If you are the type that loves to have a betslip, there would be a land-based bookmaker vendor close to you ready to take your bet. Despite all the good things they do, it is easy for anyone not to see that bookmakers are running a business. Like any business, they want to make profits.

Because they want to make enough profit, you can expect that they would go to any length to do so. Whether you like it or not, they need to make money. So it's simple to know that they don’t want you to win your bet, yet they want you to keep spending your money with them. There are many things that bettors fail to realize about the betting game, and the truth is that even the bookmakers don’t want you to find these things.

As much as gambling is about making the right predictions, it is also essential to know how to beat the bookmakers at the several games they play to keep you from winning. Ultimately, being successful as a bettor is about making the right prediction. To avoid always losing your money to the bookmakers, you need to know what football predictions are about, and the things bookies don’t wish for you to know.

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Smart Money Football Betting Predictions

Like we have said, it’s all about the right prediction, and you can expect that good prediction sites would not be the friends of bookmakers. Many bettors place bets based on instinct and some based on a guess. Some even decide to place a wager on their favorite team every time. The chances of making money by betting this way are clearly very slim.

All You Need To Know About Nairabet before Placing a Bet

Bookmakers display a lot of things that make you believe you can make money by simply betting on your favorite team. Adverts of people that have made a fortune by gambling based on a hunch are all over the place, selling to people the idea that they can be the next if they just keep trying. Even though we see this happen, it is rare, and it doesn’t worth your money.

Nonetheless, many are still optimistic, continually losing money and hoping for their lucky day to come someday. This has made many people not see the importance of careful analytics involved in football prediction.
There is nothing as valuable as betting based on data analysis. Forecasting based on team data is your best bet at making money from betting. This is where prediction sites come in. By using advanced technology as well as complex algorithms to arrive at predictions, your chances of making money are boosted when you decide to use these sites.

Because these predictions are without any form of emotions attached, you can make the right choice even though it doesn’t appear so to you. Therefore, with these intelligent predictions, you can begin to treat gambling more like a business than an ordinary guessing game.

Good Mathematical Prediction Sites produce Value Bets, or how we call them on our website - Banker Bets. Our Algorithm produces probability forecast for every bet and compares this probability to Bookmaker odds in Real-Time via API connection.

As a result you're getting the best possible football bet calculated for you. That's what bookies are trying to HIDE!

Nigeria Predictions Banker Bet

An example of a Banker Bet on our Predictions page 


This is one thing almost every bettor loves. It is not uncommon to see a betslip as long as 2-5m these days. Yet, this is another thing in the bag of tricks of the bookmaker. They know you are unlikely to win when you bet on multiple selections, and they entice you into numerous selections, giving you hopes of getting more money when your predictions come true. This form of bet is very common and is known as an accumulator bet.

Although it might appear like a good idea because of the fantastic bonuses attached to it, this kind of bet earns bookmakers the most money. The reason is straightforward; it is very difficult to win all the bets in multiple selections. The odds are not in your favor at all, but many bettors have failed to realize this.

When you make multiple selections, the chances of winning all the bets are lower than when you make fewer selections. The risk associated with 10 bets is higher than that of two bets. Betting under such high risk is reckless and will make you lose more often than not. What is most painful is when you decide to accumulate 10 bets, and 1 of the bet ends up losing; you lose all your money even though you might have won 9 of the bets.

No successful punter makes his money by placing numerous bets at once. The goal is to lower your risk and make the most out of your correct predictions. That is, the lesser the number of selections on your betslip, the better your chances of winning.
When next you think about placing accumulator bets, think about the risk and go for smaller bets where you can be sure of your profit.

How Football Prediction Sites Are Changing Betting In Nigeria


This is again another thing the bookmakers sell to you so that you can lose more money. Side bets are bets that are not about the scores of a game. They are bets about other events in a game. For example, predicting who will win the coin toss, the number of yellow cards or red cards in a game. With several special offers attached to this kind of betting, bookmakers trick you again into losing money.

The logic is quite simple; betting on these kinds of events is filled with so many uncertainties. The chances are very slim, and it would take you a lot of tries and lose before you can predict such events correctly.
So, don’t be fooled by any offer promoting side bets. Focus on the game itself and predict the outcome based on careful analysis of statistics and player form. And this is precisely what a prediction site does for you.

Successful Football Predictions

An Example of Mathematical Football Prediction Algorithm Efficiency. 80%-85% Success Rate

Statistics-based algorithms and sophisticated artificial intelligence have been programmed to predict the most likely outcome of a football match for you.

All You Need To Know About Sure Football Predictions And Value Bets


Gambling is all about tactics and the right strategy. One thing you need to know to be successful is to understand the things bookmakers are trying to keep away from you. Consider using our Predictions section to get the best mathematical football predictions for Free! Follow our Banker Bet predictions and make betting your business!

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