How To Use Football Betting Predictions Risk-Free

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| 04.01.2021
How To Use Football Betting Predictions Risk-Free

Making a stake in the sport you love and enjoy is a great idea; after all, it’s a sport that you love and share experience in.

Football betting is the most popular type of sports betting in the world today since football has the most followers, viewers, staff, and players in the world. Football betting involves making stakes and standing on the side of your preferred team to win.

It is such a profitable venture, and I have witnessed millionaires made out of the enterprise. A lot of people believe that betting comes with a lot of risks, but the real problem is not what you stake but how you stake. In short, I can guarantee that if these guidelines are observed as directed, you will never lose a bet. So here is a 100% legit means of making real money bets without risk.

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Get familiar with betting terms because this will help you know what you are involved in while betting. Since these things are easy to see and understand, you won’t have any problems understanding them. Examples of terms and terminologies used in betting include:

  • Halftime wins: it allows you to forecast the outcome of a football match after the first halfBoth teams score (GG): this prediction will enable you to win after correctly predicting if both teams in a match score goals no matter the number.
  • Double chance: this will allow you to predict if the Home or Away team wins or draws. If predicted correctly, a bettor could win double his proposed winnings.
  • Straight win: this allows you to make predictions based on a teams’ statistics.
  • Correct score: in this prediction type, your knowledge of football history is essential since you will be staking odds based on history, a teams’ stats, and analysis of previous games.
  • Over/Under goals: this is a betting type that allows you to forecast the average or the total number of goals in a game. The average margin is 2.5.


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Irrespective of how much money you have or how good the odds you stake are, always make a budget as this would prevent you from getting addicted to betting. When you create a budget from your daily, monthly, or hourly earnings, you tend to be able to account for the amount you disburse or expend on betting. Budgets, you avoid the risk of overspending when you make a bet, and you are also less likely to lose money gotten from a good stake. A budget also allows you to control your wins and losses.


Research goes a long way in you running risk-free bets. When you have a standard knowledge of which teams have the highest goals, best players, and players in form, it goes a long way in helping you run risk-free bets.


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Many websites offer bet prediction services. While some football prediction websites are set on helping you make the most out of your bets, some others are bent on scamming you of your money, beware of these websites. There is a need to know these sites, so do your research before doing so; some are created with the latest algorithm structure, which enables instant predictions. Others have the same API as their Bookmaker. Knowing these sites is a tool in your hands while making bets.

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Matched betting is a betting platform that is risk-free and most profitable. The trick is to make a bet and then ‘lay it off,’ or should I say apply the win or draw tactic to the game you’re playing. It also involves betting against a particular outcome, say Chelsea with odds +2.5 plays Arsenal with odds +3.5. Laying the bet off would mean you were playing in favor of Chelsea.


Some betting sites offer bonuses on several multiple stakes a client makes on games regularly. An example is is a company that Gives a bonus of 200% to new subscribers/bettors on their website and also about ₦36800 in cash to customers who lose a stake of the equal amount in bets. One fantastic thing about the company is that it will always provide bonuses on all games, even the one that is lost.

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Discussion forums help bettors in a lot of ways. By joining bet forums, you get ideas from like-minded people and others with experience in betting who you can place bets with and discuss top odds. Choose your panels wisely as this can determine your future as a bettor who always wins. Forums provide updates on the latest games and their odds, which ones would be the best to bet on, and so on.

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Knowing your sports history and a teams’ stats and Info gives you an edge over others in making stakes and winning odds since an exact knowledge of which side is firmer and better provides you with the power of instant predictions in the sport. Using different matches, for example, The El Classico Real Madrid vs. Barcelona, if I were to make a bet last season, I would bet in favor of Barcelona since they have won the two previous featured matches.


While making a budget, start with small bets, as this would allow you to keep losses at a percentage of zero. Learn to accept all your wins, no matter how little they are; this will enable you to keep track of your earnings and keep a clear budget.


Or either way, I can say don’t bet with your heart. Don’t bet on a particular team because they are your favorites, and they don’t seem to fail at any time. Also, don’t stake on one specific game because you feel like it or because it’s a sunny day, and an exceptional team tends to do well on a sunny day. Betting with the heart tends to end most of the time badly.

Smart Betting


Before making stakes on games, know the stats of the particular match. Note that if it’s a win or draws game as this will help you predict correctly before stalking, it will help you keep track of your bets and keep your budget intact. Observing the market also saves you the stress of making multiple stakes that might not yield fruit.

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So that’s it, with the above tips, you can successfully use our Prediction section to get Value Bets every day for FREE! Our Big Data algorithm is producing football predictions, based on in-depth statistical analysis. It is also monitoring the odds of all major Nigerian bookmakers to show you Banker bets in real time.

Lastly, do not make the mistake most people make, which is betting with their hearts. Happy winnings!

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