Statarea - All You Need to Know About This Football Predictions Site

by Caira Nwachukwu |

Football Prediction Sites, Statarea

| 11.06.2020
Statarea - All You Need to Know About This Football Predictions Site

Do you plan on following that mystical feeling of who’s going to win a match? 

Or are you a die-hard fan that knows just exactly how many goals your team would score? Maybe you prefer to get down and dirty with the analysis of the soccer teams form, injuries, and other factors that might affect a teams performance before making your bet. One thing is for sure, football betting is a whole lot easier when you have good predictions laid out for you just ripe for the picking.

In this article we reviewd Stateria, a well known football prediction site. is a top-rated free online football prediction platform established in 2007. Statarea offers different types of in-game analysis on current football matches from major leagues like the English Premier League and the German Bundesliga, to the smaller leagues in other countries around the world like the major league soccer in the united states or the Absa premiership league in South Africa and much more. 

Statarea is just for football predictions, and the predictions are made by registered statarea users who double up as pundits. The statarea platform is free to use, so they have to rely on Internet traffic, donations from users, and the statarea e-store to generate profits.

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Prediction layout

The predictions for each match are shown based on the country and league, the kick-off time of each match is displayed and is based on the time zone of the user visiting the site. This is really useful to users hoping to make stakes that way, they don’t end up being late.
The tip of the game is displayed first after the match is listed and could either be 1- home win, X- draw, 1X- home win or draw, 2X- away win or draw, 12- home or away win.

The various probabilities of the outcomes are listed over 100. The color of each outcome turns a darker shade with an increasing chance. Also, the predictions made by statarea users on games are shown on the prediction tab.
These probabilities are calculated for a home win, draw, an away win, halftime home win, halftime draw, halftime away win, over 1.5 goals, over 2.5 goals, over 3.5 goals, both teams to score and only one team to score options.

Pros and Cons of Statarea

The goal of this review is to show the positives and drawbacks of using the statarea platform based on user experience, prediction wins, and platform features.


  1. The interface is easy to navigate
  2. It is free
  3. A lot of statistical data is available for personal forecasting
  4. It is interactive that way users can contribute to predictions
  5. Expert pundit analysis is available


  1. Onsite Ads (although they do not pop up)
  2. Only predictions of selected or popular matches are made
  3. Offers only soccer predictions
  4. Heavy Data usage on Mobile
  5. Predictions algorithm not clear

Detailed Review of all the tabs on

Home page layout

statarea home page

The Statarea home page is easy to access just type in on your browser. With functional internet connectivity, you wouldn’t have any problem getting to the home page. You can browse through Statarea as an anonymous user or register to become an active user, notwithstanding that all services are available to anonymous users except for making predictions(only registered users can make predictions on games).
The statarea home page has 6 main tabs and 11 lower tabs. The 6 main tabs are the home, prediction, experts, top 10, live score, top users, custom prediction tabs. In contrast, the lower tabs are the teams, compare, news, shop, ranking, shop, TV schedule, help, tips, login, old site tabs.

I would take some time to provide an overview of the various tabs and what they actually do.

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Statarea Predictions Tab Screenshot

On this tab, the user has access to match predictions, statistics, and tips for a particular day. There is also a navigator that allows each user to go through predictions of that specific day and 3 days before. Predicted matches can be sorted and viewed on this navigator based on the competition, country, and kick-off of the game.

You can make head to head comparisons between two teams by using the compare tab just type in the name of the team. Information about the head to head interaction of the two teams comes up. The data display includes the performance of one team against the other, the number of wins, losses, and present form between the two teams.

Custom prediction

On the custom prediction tab, users can make customized predictions using the custom prediction tab by applying any of the listed features;

  • All matches being played between the teams
  • Previous matches of the host team (only as host)
  • Last matches of the guest team (only as a guest)
  • Advantage of the host team
  • The rank of the country's league
  • Teams standing in championship
  • Team ranking
  • Bookmakers odds (if available)

The predictions are made by ticking the relevant features and applying them. This gives users personalized predictions that suit their own betting needs. 


The tips tab on statarea gives straight to the point predictions on several games a day. These predictions are ranked the likeliest to occur by statarea pundits and are put under the following categories:

  • home win(1),
  • away win(1),
  • over 2.5 (probability of having more or equal to 3 goals a match),
  • under 2.5(probability of having less than 3 goals during the match),
  • BTS(probability of both teams scoring in the match)
  • 3 games each are forecasted under these categories.

Top 10

The top 10 tab is made up of the top 10 games of the day spread across different countries and leagues. These are the most popular games of the day.


Statarea live score tab

All match results both live and finished are displayed on the live score tab. There is a navigator that allows you to follow matches by popularity, country, or a special search for particular teams. Every user can also view the results of played matches up to three days from the day they were played.

Top users

The current user prediction rankings are displayed here on a weekly and monthly basis. Users are ranked based on a point system accumulated with each correct prediction. Each user, while making a prediction, can either choose between a home win(1), draw(X), and away win(2) so far each prediction that pulls through.


This onsite feature is used to get information on any football team in the world. Any user can simply click on the ‘team’ tab then type in any team of their choice into the get information search. The information available on the statarea team tab includes their present and future fixtures, team information, form, and several statistical data, including the number of losses, games played with over 2.5 goals, probability of scoring in the next match, and so on. The team tab can also be used to get statistical data on any National team.


Statarea expert tab

This tab is made up of top-rated pundits on the statarea platform, the bio of Each pundit is provided in this section with their latest predictions and match previews. Each expert's percentage success rate in the last 7 days is also written next to their bio.


This feature offers general statistics on the five major leagues in the world.; the English Premier League, the Spanish la Liga, the French Ligue 1, the German Bundesliga and the Italian Serie A, This tab gives information about this league in general. 


Statarea gives you high paced football-based news that is updated every 15 minutes from transfer news to league updates. Statarea gets its news from verifiable sports news providers like and yahoo sports.


Statarea ranking tab

This feature keeps track of world club rankings and is upgraded regularly based on current football standings.


This statarea shop is linked to the amazon online store. With the statarea store, users can buy different football products like soccer balls and other soccer paraphernalia from statarea.

TV schedule

Statarea TV Schedule

This gives information on various match fixtures on some TV channels.


This tab is useful for users having issues on the statarea platform. The help tab offers more information on how the statarea user point system works.

Old site

This feature lets users that are used to the older statarea interface direct passage to the older website at

User interface/ User experience

It's quite frustrating to deal with a website that requires a lot of time just to learn how to use and with tensions running high and money on the line. A soccer prediction platform with a friendly user interface is just what the doctor ordered
The statarea website is easy to navigate and has a mobile version and a full site version interface depending on the device you are using. The white, yellow, grey, and blue colored backgrounds are nice and easy to view while the fonts used on the website are balanced with the background. The pages can be zoomed in and out to fit just how the user wants it.

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The Statarea platform is a good prediction website, and it is quite popular with people these days. Predictions, although, are made by statarea pundits and not by any specific algorithms, which may consider several factors that the pundits may overlook. Remember, only proven mathematical predictions and odds monitoring in real-time can guarantee you stable results over time. Banker bet

To get Advanced mathematical predictions for free, check our Predictions page. We advise you to focus on Banker predctions (marked by crown). To learn more about value betting visit our Prediction Academy

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