Betslip Betting Tips

| 06.11.2020
Betslip Betting Tips

Betslip Betting Tips

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Betslip Explained

One of the fundamental elements of betting every punter should understand is the bet slip. However, not so many punters do. In fact, a lot of punters usually become infuriated after failing to fill their bet slip correctly.

Placing bets offline may be relatively more comfortable, though. In making your bet, there would be a physical conversation with the bookmaker. Thus, you can ask for help if you are finding it difficult to fill the bet slip. Bookmakers at land-based sportsbooks are known for their honesty. Hence, even when you lose a bet, they ensure that you understand the reason you lost.

Offline Betslip

However, betting online is more popular and convenient today. This is because you can do it from the comfort of your home or even at any time and anywhere. All you just need to have is your internet-enabled device. Online sportsbooks also provide a large variety of domestic and international sporting events at better odds. However, the disadvantage is that you will not find anyone to help you physically through the process of placing your bets. Due to a large number of available betting markets and sporting events, many bettors do make mistakes.

How the Betslip works

The betslip is the ticket or tool which is used to place bets. Finding the betslip on an online sportsbook is easy. It is usually located on the right-hand side of the top bar on the website. There may be little differences in the betting process for online bookmakers. Still, most of them usually follow the same pattern.

Different types of betting are available for you to choose from. They can be found at the top of your betslip. They are the simple, combined, or system. After you decide the betting market you want to wager on, you must click on the corresponding option to choose it.

There is a counter you’ll find at the screen bottom. It indicates the number of picks you make. For example, if you make just one selection, the counter will display ‘1Picks’. You can select as make as many selections as you want. You can also deselect by clicking again on a box you have already selected.

After you’ve taken the time to make your picks, you must add them to the betslip. All you need is to click on ‘Add to Ticket’ or ‘create a Coupon, depending on the site. Once you make that click, the bet slip expands, and you can then see the selections you made.

Then you proceed to specify the amount you want to bet on each of the selections. Below each market on the bet slip, there will be two boxes to fill. Some online sportsbooks label these boxes as ‘To Win’ and ‘Bet’ while some – ‘To Win’ and ‘Stake.’

To wager, you have to type the number into the ‘bet’ box. The ‘To Win’ box will automatically calculate the cash prize you can make from that bet. However, if you have a particular amount you want to win in mind, simply type it into the ‘To Win’ box. It will show in the ‘bet’ box the amount of wager you must place to get up to that win when you do that.

After choosing the amount you want to wager, you can go through your betslip again and confirm that you’ve made the right selections. Whenever you’re satisfied with your choice, you must click a button to confirm the transaction. The button could be ‘Bet Now,’ ‘Place a Bet,’ ‘Submit’ or ‘Confirm.’ Once it is confirmed, the wagered amount is deducted from your sportsbook financial account.

Online betting

More Tips on using your betslip

Before you submit, you can always find out the overall amount of money deducted from the financial account. All you need to do is check your ‘Total Stake’ or ‘Total Bet.’ This keeps you from wagering much more than you plan, especially when you’re making multiple bets.

To delete any of the sections on the bet slip, all you have to do is click one more time on the checkbox. You can also delete everything at once and start again. If you wish to delete all picks, use the “Delete All” or “Remove All” button.

One of the best strategies you can use while placing your bets is getting yourself familiar with the online sportsbook interface you choose to wager at. Most online sportsbooks are easy to use, but you still have to ensure you understand how they entirely work. If you have issues making use of the betslip or making picks, you can always contact the sportsbook's support team or check their FAQ page.

Another important strategy to use while making bets is using a good prediction site. This will help you make only the right picks on your betslip. For example, here at, our football tips help many of our users make the right bets most times. So, before you place your next wager on any sportsbook, make sure you utilize the tips we provide here.

Practical examples of using the bet slip

1.  Single bets

If making a single bet is your choice, you have to select ‘Single’ at the bottom of your betslip. For instance, let's say you make a bet on Sweden vs. France match. There are three options for the game: Sweden wins with 6.00 odds, France win with 1.60 odds, and draw with 3.8 odds. You may want to place a $4 bet on Sweden, which has the highest odds. You will have to pick Sweden by clicking on the odds. Then, your pick will show on the betslip. If Sweden wins, you will win $4 x 6.00 = $24.

2.  Combined bets

If you choose this option, you will have to click on several matches. You select the odds for each of the matches, as explained in the previous example. Let’s say you bet on three matches, for example. The odds you selected for all three are 6.00, 2, and 3. The totally odds will be multiplied, i.e 6 x 2 x 3 = 36 odds. If you place a bet of $10 on your selection, you will get $10 x 35= $350 if all matches go as you predicted.

3.  System bets

This is quite flexible as you can still win even if all your picks are not successful. Using the example given above, let’s say you chose the 2/3 system, and you placed a bet of $4 on each of the three matches. If any two of the three picks are successful, you win a prize. For example, if the first two are successful, you will get $4 x 6 x2 = $48.

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